Drug unit busts meth operation during traffic stop

The meth making supplies found by officers during the traffic stop. / Jenna McWilliams

A second meth bust in just three days - the most recent right here in Albany.

Dougherty County Police stopped a white pickup truck around one o'clock this morning for running a red light at Radium Springs road and Oakridge.

Upon further investigation the officer found a mobile meth lab within the vehicle.

The Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit was called in to process the vehicle in which methamphetamines were found.

Major Bill Berry says these mobile labs are becoming popular and though this one wasn't active, it is still dangerous.

"The actual reaction vessel, as we call it, was in the bed of the truck with all the chemicals up in the cab portion. So if there had been an accident, you had those chemicals possibly being thrown around, the containers ruptured or break and a person in there, so you could have a serious situation" said Berry.

23-year old Jeffery Wilson was arrested and charged with running a red light, possession of methamphetamines and manufacturing methamphetamines.

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