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      Drug testing for welfare bill signed by governor

      It's been a controversial issue here in Georgia for some time - drug testing those who are on welfare.

      Now, Governor Nathan Deal has signed that bill into law.

      This law will require some applicants for food stamps and welfare benefits to take a test. Under the bill, testing could be required if authorities have a "reasonable suspicion" of drug use.

      A person failing the test would temporarily lose benefits, although their children could receive assistance through another adult.

      "I think it's fair because those of us who work every day, if we get a job or do anything, we have to undergo tests and answer questions," Sara Smith said. "So when you need assistance, there are things you have to answer and I think it's a fair bill."

      Steve Harris says right now it's a hard time for everyone and people need to feed their families.

      "Maybe if they had jobs like it's supposed to be, things would be different," Harris said. "But now, people need all of the help they can get..a check or whatever to make ends meet."

      The governor's office says drug use is a barrier to finding and keeping a job.