Drug search at Worth County High

Sylvester Police Department's K9 unit searches Worth County High School Friday during a drug search / Courtesy:

Sylvester police and SPD's K-9 unit conducted a drug search at the Worth County School Friday morning.

High school students were in lockdown and required to stay in the classrooms until the search was finalized.

Drug dogs searched across school and campus grounds.

Students stayed in lockdown for about two hours before they were released to their regularly scheduled classes.

Worth county high principal Dr. Russ Chesser had this to say about the search:

"The superintendent along with the administration and staff of Worth County High School are committed to having a safe and drug free school. Random drug search is one method or deterrent to keep drugs out of our school to help keep our school safe and focused on learning."

Sylvester police have not yet released any information on findings, if any, as a result of the search.

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