'Drug network' busted up at MCLB

The front gate to the Marine Corps Logistics Base. / From file

Six civilian workers at the Marine Corps Logistics Base were arrested Wednesday morning in a drug bust carried out on the base and in Albany.

"None of the arrests involved uniformed marines, however it is important to re-iterate that the marine corps has a zero tolerance police when it comes to illegal drug activity," said Col. Terry Williams of the MCLB.

"They were charged with possession with intent to distribute controlled substances including hydrocodone and cocaine. One individual was charged with distribution of marijuana and intent to do so," said U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia Michael Moore.

In addition to the six base workers, the indicment listed three other people. Akeem Daniels, Brian Santos, Roy Shine, Leon Winsberry, Nathaniel Swan, Michael Teemer, Willie Watts and Jonathan Webb distributed pills and cocaine according to the indictment. James Phillips was listed in a seperate indictment for Marijuana possession with intent to distribute.

A multi-agency task force made the arrests on the Marine Corps Logistics Base and at homes of the workers. Since much of this activity allegedly took place on the base, these suspects will be facing federal charges.

"In this investigation we work quickly with our law enforcement partners to identify mitigate and disrupt the significant drug network impacting the base as well as the local community of Albany," said Kevin Dodds of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.