Drug dealers getting laundry detergent for drugs

Local drug investigators say dealers here commonly trade drugs for stolen electronics, not laundry soap / File

A story about drug dealers selling drugs in exchange for, not cash, but laundry detergent prompted today's Facebook Story of the Day. Viewers wanted to know if this is something seen in Albany.

According to the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit, they have not noticed this here. They say dealers in this area commonly swap stolen electronics for drugs.

"It's not uncommon for users to run out of money and if they find something or they shoplift items from stores or they break in somewhere and steal items they'll take it to a known dealer and try to swap that out for whatever drug of their choice," says ADDU Investigator Victor Camp.

Camp also says when dealers get low on certain drugs they sometimes make even trades with other dealers for different drugs.

You can read the story about drug dealers in other parts of the country selling drugs for laundry detergent at the following link.

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