Drug deal turned robbery turns fatal

James Powell arrested and charged with Felony Murder. / Lowndes County Jail

A Valdosta drug deal turned robbery has left one man dead and four others facing felony murder charges.

Police say Tevin Martin died after a plan among friends turned fatal.

On the night of his death, Martin teamed up with James Powell and a 16-year-old to rob alleged drug dealers Deno Lewis and Michael Wise.

"When they went over there they got into a vehicle together and once they got into the vehicle, at that time Mr. Martin and the juvenile they initiated a robbery," said Chief Brian Childress, Valdosta Police Department.

That's when Lewis and Wise pulled out their guns to shoot Tevin Martin and the 16-year-old.

Both victims ran from the car. Martin collapsed in the back yard of a home located in the 700 block of Hill Terrace while the teen ran to Floyd Street.

Tevin Martin's mother says while her son died alone, she was helping one of the suspects not knowing he was connected to her son's death.

"Once I got outside I seen somebody laying in the road and when I came up to him he was just screaming and hollering," said Andrea Martin, a Paramedic EMT. "I checked him over and I found only one bullet hole and I was holding pressure to it to keep him from bleeding out because I know that if he bleed out, he'll bleed to death."

The 16-year-old was shot in the buttocks. Martin's mother says it's tough knowing he took a part in her son's death.

"I'm shocked because that was my son's friend. He used to come over and hang over to my house every day," said Andrea Martin.

The teen, James Powell, and Deno Lewis are charged with felony murder while Michael Wise is facing felony aggravated assault charges.

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