Drug bust on West Residence sell house

516 West Residence was raided after being discovered it was a sell house for drugs and other narcotics / Sarah Bleau

FOX 31 was first on the scene of a drug bust at a sell house at 516 W. Residence Ave.

Maj. Bill Berry with the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit says they arrested Andrey Maurice Smith, 35, and charged him with trafficking cocaine and for possession of marijuana and prescription pills. Smith was taken away by law enforcement during the raid; Berry says Smith is a resident of Tallahassee, Florida.

Berry says at approximately 2 p.m. on Friday, the Drug Unit conducted a search on the house they have been surveying for weeks now.

Inside, he says they found five ounces of crack cocaine, 400 prescription pills and marijuana. Berry says the pills were a variety of painkillers such as Tylenol and oxycodone; some were serious, "beyond over-the-counter," says Berry.

"Some are in prescription bottles, some are in factory bottles like the pharmacy would get them, some are loose packaged up in bundles, they're throughout the house in clothing and hidden in places," says Berry. He says painkillers are becoming a growing trend in the drug world.

He says some drugs were in cookie form and some were chopped into $10 to $20 pieces.

Berry says a total of $1,466 was found hidden in the a closet.

Berry says the residence was a sell house and set up much like a pharmacy in which people could walk up or drive up to buy drugs. He says there was even a counter set up at a window on the side of the house.

"This is what we refer to as a shot house. They sell out of the back door and you pull up here or walk up here. It's curb service here, almost like a drive in window thing," says Berry.

Berry says they are looking for the registered owner of the house.

Berry says the Drug Unit has received lots of complaints about the house. Neighbors FOX 31 spoke with say they know many of their fellow neighbors, but say the people living at 516 W. Residence Ave. kept to themselves.