Dropping weight a snap for Lee County employees

Lee County Board of Commissioners meet to celebrate employee health. / Matt Prichard

Slimming down for summer, fall or any time of year is a challenge. Lee County employees faced it head on in the last year during a wellness program put together by the Lee County Board of Commissioners which included personal dieticians, organized workouts, and health examinations.

"Healthier employees are happier employees, and I think that's incumbent upon an employer to try and help their employees have a great life," said Lee County Commissioner, Rick Muggridge.

And employees in Lee County didn't take that opportunity for granted. In the last year county employees have dropped more than 600 pounds, an average of 6 pounds each.

"They have taken this program and really run with it, and it makes me feel good as a commissioner knowing the money we spent has been well received by our county employees," said Lee County Commissioner, Ed Duffy.

But commissioners say the job isn't done. They hope that other members of the community will follow in these employees' footsteps.

"Counties are built on healthy families, and healthy families come from having the opportunity to play together, be together, and so I think overall health is part of being a healthy family and creating a culture of wellness and health," said Muggridge.

The wellness program will continue with one-on-one health coaches, as well as empowering those participating to improve their health and well being.

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