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      Driving and boating under the influence now on even playing field

      The water on Lake Blackshear is calm and the docks are empty, but soon will change as we enter the summer months.If you're planning on heading out on the water this summer beware the legal blood alcohol content while boating will drop from .1 to .08 starting Wednesday, May 15."You know it just makes sense, if .08 is what the expected standard is by the public on the highway it should be the same on the water," said Col. Eddie Henderson the Chief of Georgia TMs Department of Natural Resources (DNR). DNR Rangers will be on the lookout for drunk boaters and if caught, you could face jail time, and officials say by catching a drunk boater they could potentially be avoiding a tragedy on the roadways."You know the truth of it is if we remove a drunk boater from the water that's someone that will not be a drunk driver later on," explained Harris Blackwood the Director of the Governors Office of Highway Safety.But not one agency can tackle drunk driving alone, so the Department of Natural Resources, Georgia's Department of Public Safety, and the Governor's Office of Highway Safety teamed up for a new campaign," Where the Rudder Meets the Road.""So don't be surprised if you see a ranger standing in the road way with a trooper doing a road check, or potentially a blue shirt on the water way with a ranger," said Col. Mark McDonough the Commissioner of the Depart of Public Safety.Officers say if you are going to drink make sure you have a designated driver, whether of to road or on the water.

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