Drivers being sniffed to save lives

Operation Zero Tolerance kicks into gear as the 4th of July holiday nears. / Jessica Fairley

For 100 days of summer, law enforcement is enacting the Operation Zero Tolerance campaign.

Cops are out and on the hunt for anyone behind the wheel and breaking the law.

"Any violation that is occurring at the time of Operation Zero Tolerance is basically that you won't have an excuse. You will be given a ticket," says Cpl. Jon Segroves, with the Albany Police Department.

Seat belt and car seat violations, lack of insurance and improper tags will all warrant a fine. Officials will also be sniffing for a certain smell.

"They will be doing road checks to see if anyone smells of alcohol or exhibits other signs of being intoxicated," says Harris Blackwood, Highway Safety Director for the Georgia Governors Office.

Drivers suspected of drinking and driving will be given the option to prove their sobriety by taking a breath test.

"If they are over the limit, they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law," says Blackwood.

According to the Governor's Office, over 25 percent of the fatalities that occur in traffic crashes involve alcohol levels over .08. Officials are hoping that by boosting their presence on the road that number will come down. However, without public cooperation, the already rising fatality rate may just increase.

"We know that this is the time of year that we know people enjoy an adult beverage and we don't want to deny them that but if they get on the road and endanger the lives of others then it becomes a problem," says Blackwood.

He says before drinking and driving people should take precaution and get a designated driver.

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