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      Drivers aren't the only ones seeing rain delays

      The constantly wet weather may be an inconvenience to those who are forced to walk the streets with a dark cloud and an umbrella over their heads, but to the Albany Dougherty Inner City Authority the rain is more than an annoyance.

      "It delays the completion of a project, we've had some projects that can get behind because of the weather, so it delays that," said Board Member Tommy Gregors.

      As the rain comes down, construction machines sit untouched on the side of the road as both the Pine Avenue Streetscape and Art Park Projects are at a standstill. One thing that has moved forward is the funding towards the Flint Riverquarium and Albany Civil Rights Institute.

      "The city has provided funding to ADICA and ADICA has approved carrying out the terms of the intergovernmental agreement, which is to make sure operating expenses only at these two downtown projects," said City Attorney Nathan Davis.

      Some residents oppose using taxpayer money towards sustaining the attractions but board members say the amount given is only a small fraction of their budgets and the output is worth the input.

      "It's very important, I mean these are quality of life issues in downtown, they're things that when you pair them with all of the other attractions we have in downtown, it does draw people in. Some people aren't going to believe that, but the reality of it is it does," said ADICA President Aaron Blair.

      The board hopes their investments and belief in downtown Albany will cause others to begin investing in the area, leading them one step closer in the road to revitalization.

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