Drive-bys in Worth County produce flu shots, not bullets

People could get a flu shot without leaving their car Thursday in Worth County. / Sean Streicher

Residence of Worth County had the opportunity Thursday morning to get their flu shot without leaving the comforts of their car.

The Worth County Health Department held their third annual drive-thru flu shot clinic at the Counties Agricultural Pavilion.

All a motorist had to do was drive up, present their form of payment, get the shot, and drive away.

Laura Searcy, the Environmental Health Specialist for Worth County, said, "Easy access is more encouraging for people to go ahead and get their shot, which the more people that get the shot the fewer people get sick and in turn the more people that are healthy."

The drive-thru flu clinic also doubled as disaster relief practice for Worth County, as the drive-thru course was set up exactly the same way it would be to hand out supplies during a natural disaster.

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