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      Drive-by flu shots provide template for the future

      The city of Sylvester held it's 4th annual drive thru flu shot clinic for Worth County residents Thursday morning at the Worth County Ag Pavilion on Highway 313 and Rebecca Drive.

      The event began at 9 a.m., but some residents showed up early.

      Residents drove up to the starting point, and then went through five to seven stations before they were done.

      The clinic lasted until 1 pm, but according to Worth County EMA Director Thomas Whittington, the drive thru clinic was more than just what it looks like.

      "Not only is this used for our flu clinic, we used this in February when our county commissioner chairman signed a declaration state of emergency when we flooded. We had public works come under here under the Ag pavilion to drop off sand and we was able to fill the sand bags. They used the same template as this flu clinic. Drive through, load the sand bags up, out you go, check in station, that way we monitor where they are going."Worth county public health, EMA and various others partners assisted in helping put on this clinic.