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      Dreams come true through history

      As a little boy Keith Rucker wanted to be a train conductor but he thought his dreams were crushed because steam engines are a thing of the past.

      I remember how disappointed I was when I found out they didn TMt drive steam locomotives anymore, said Rucker.

      He started working at the Historical Village while attending ABAC. Now he volunteers and gets to fulfill his childhood dream.

      I love the history, I love just being able to connect to the old ways of doing things and being able to observe a lot of these things that are just falling to the side, said Rucker.

      Being the train conductor can be hard work especially in the hot Georgia summers.

      I mean you TMre basically sitting on top of a fire in a big boiler and when it TMs 100 degrees outside already it can be very tiring being up there all day long, said Rucker.

      But it TMs hard work Rucker wouldn TMt give up for the world.