Dr. Murfree: We mean business as a district

Statement from DCSS Superintendent Dr. Murfree.

Wednesday marked the day when Dougherty County school officials began removing 13 teachers and three principals from school premises because of the Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) scandal.

Dr. Joshua Murfree, the superintendent of the school system talked with FOX 31 about what's to come next.

During his interview he released a written statement mapping out the plan for the Dougherty County School System.

In the letter Murfree explains "We are taking an aggressive, pro-active approach to begin to repair the damage and restore our community's confidence in its school system."

On Wednesday the superintendent stepped out of his office to meet face to face with educators who admitted to cheating.

"I just wanted to meet with my employees to let them know that this is what I expect them to do and where I expect them to be over the next week or so." said Dr. Joshua Murfree.

Teachers removed from classrooms are now working administrative duties until further evidence is received.

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards is expected to received the information within a few weeks and turn it over to the Tommy Coleman, the attorney for the Board of Education.

Coleman will then pass the information on to the Dr. Joshua Murfree.

"I'll be able to hopefully listen to a tape or see some kind of transcript that says 'Yes during this particular time I asked people to change their grades. I didn't erase but I did this," said Dr. Murfree.

The physical evidence received will be records that were used to compile the CRCT investigation report to the governor.

As officials work to rid the system of the 3 percent accused of cheating, they are adamant that the 97 percent left behind won't fall behind.

"What we've done is take our (EIP) teachers, our Early Intervention Program teachers, and placed them in those classrooms. They are well trained they are well qualified," said Dr. Joshua Murfree.

Under the leadership of an assistant principal, each school is set with a plan in place making sure that every student gets the instruction they need.

So far, the superintendent says he has not received any other resignation letters from any of the teachers who were removed from classrooms but as they await a public trial before a tribunal, they have the option to change their tune.

"If they indeed feel that when that evidence comes back and that evidence points directly to the fact that they cheated or they had something to do with cheating, they have the right to say that I don't want to go through this process and I want to go ahead and resign," said Murfree.

See images to see the entire statement released by Dr. Joshua Murfree.

He outlines the number of teachers, principals, and personnel who have resigned, retired, been terminated, or have been removed from classrooms.

Also included in the images is a list of the names of teachers who have been removed from classrooms.

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