Dozens of men 'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes'

More than 100 guys willingly signed up to put heel and toe to the road in four inch red pumps.

There were plenty of cat calls at Deerfield Windsor High School Saturday morning. Not for the ladies, but for dozens of men dressed to the nines in red high heels. It was all a fundraiser for Albany's Lily Pad Center.

You never know what someone has gone through until you walk a mile in their shoes. Usually that phrase is a figure of speech but Saturday it was quite literal.

"We are so excited to have our second annual walk a mile in her shoes. We've got 125 men here ready to walk a mile in these lovely red high heels," said Caitlyn Cooper of the Lily Pad Center.

Yes, more than 100 guys willingly signed up to put heel and toe to the road in four inch red pumps.

But the question has to be; what would cause any self-respecting man want to do this to themselves.

"A buddy of mine called me and told me he wanted me to do it," said Matt Martin.

"To help out the lily pad. Anything I can do to help out the community I am for it. No matter if it makes me look like an idiot, I'm willing to do it just to help out the community," said Casey Tucker.

"This money will go to operating three of our centers. We are spread across Southwest Georgia in Cairo, Thomasville and Albany. So it will go to keeping these children who have been abused in good care," said Cooper.

"It's for fun. It's for a wonderful, wonderful cause. And I'm just glad that everybody can get together and have fun with it," said Keith Norton.

But after the talk came walk. And in the field were four fox 31 personalities. 10 p.m. News Anchor Romney Smith served as MC.

For many, it was their longest mile.

"They feel terrible," said Tucker.

In the end everyone made it across the finish line in one piece.

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