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      Downtown VA Clinic is on the move

      On the first Wednesday of every month the Marine Corps Logistics Base holds a retirement breakfast to discuss various things happening around the base and to get a chance to talk with fellow veterans.The retirees had been asking questions about the Veteran's Affairs Clinic being moved from downtown Albany onto the Marine Base, so they brought in John Goldman, director of the VA clinic in Dublin, to answer their questions.Goldman says the move will provide local veterans with better and a higher quality of healthcare. The move has been in the works for a few months now and Goldman hopes it will be complete by the Spring.Goldman stressed how important it is to provide more services for the veterans, especially things to do with hearing and seeing; two things veterans commonly have problems with as they get older.He also said he plans on opening a VA clinic in Tifton within the next year.Colonel Davis, the Commanding Officer of MCLB Albany, says this move is a "win-win-win situation." Davis says the move will allow veterans to have better healthcare, more services, and they'll be served with better overall quality. Davis added that none of this could be possible without the support of the community and local and state officials. He also added that Congressman Sanford Bishop has been especially helpful in making this move happen.

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