Downtown Fresh Market thanks APD

It's not too often that a business is celebrating three days after getting burglarized, but that's exactly what the owners of the Downtown Fresh Market did, giving Albany Police officers a cake and gift certificates for their work in making an arrest.

"There's always going to be crime that's just a part of the genetic makeup of the world, but look at what ya'll have to work with we have such a great police force," said B.J. Fletcher, co-owner of the Fresh Market.

The store was broken into early Monday morning, the thief taking two money bags. Less than 48 hours later police arrested 57-year-old Cleveland Lockman for the burglary.

Lockman allegedly entered the business through their back door. But as soon as he walked inside he was captured on video surveillance. Detectives say it was crucial for their investigation.

"The merchants had some excellent video equipment that was on at the time and able to capture this person, breaking into this business. We were able to view the video and we were able to identify this particular individual," said Capt. Charles Poole.

Police recommend that every business, if they can afford it, get some good video equipment.

"If you're going to have video it pays for itself. Quality video pays for itself," said Capt. Poole.

It's an investment many downtown businesses are making.

"Come downtown, you are on camera whether you are shopping or whether you are working to spot and steal you're on camera and you should not hesitate to be on camera if you're not doing anything wrong. But if you're doing something wrong, we're going to catch ya'," said Fletcher.

Owners say they are more worried about what happens next to Lockman. They say they don't want him to go to jail and are even open to him working at the store to pay off his debt.