Downtown businesses use social media

The Flower Gazebo's Facebook page

Chill Bar and Lounge, The Chamber of Commerce, and the Flower Gazebo are downtown businesses all jumping on the social media bandwagon.

Marketing strategist Miloy Schwartz says it's a necessary marketing tool for downtown businesses because of the limited foot traffic. "You can reach hundreds of people in an instant by using Facebook and Twitter. The more businesses that use social media, they will become a network of themselves and encourage people to come downtown" says Schwartz.

Schwartz created The Flower Gazebo's Facebook page which allows them to show pictures of their floral creations for weddings, graduations, and more. The owners say they understand this is a new trend that is here to stay and they want the younger web-savvy generation to find their business and become new clients.

The downtown Elements Coffee location occasionally tweets a discount that can only be used by showing the coupon on your cell phone.

Monique Broughton, assistant to the city manager is creating a Facebook page to inform people of events and help promote other downtown businesses.