Downtown Albany establishes a newspaper

The Downtown Albany Area News provides information specific to the downtown area

Downtown Albany also launched a new free newspaper that's special to the area.

In the "Downtown Albany Area News" people will be able to read testimonies from people such as Downtown Manager Aaron Blair and the Downtown Merchant Association President Tosh Sevier. The newspaper also provides a map of Downtown and listings of restaurants and shops to visit.

"We just had a gentleman approach us about creating a Downtown Albany newspaper and wanting to know if there was anything we were willing to talk about in the paper and let the merchant's assoc write stories and just to provide an outlet for information for downtown," says Blair.

The Downtown Albany Area News is published by Eddie Mack of MAC Enterprises. Copies of the newspaper are available around the city.

Downtown Albany's long awaited new website is also available now, complete with not only event and attraction information but also information for potential investors and merchants. Check their website regularly for new information about Downtown Albany.