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      Douglas serious about trash and pet laws

      Douglas police are getting serious about cleaning up the city.Operation Quality of Life got underway about a month ago and now Douglas Code Enforcement is keeping up with the promise to clean up the city.There have been nine citations and 29 warnings. Those with warnings had 15 days to clean up their mess.Ones who have not taken care of the issues, we TMre now starting citations as of today, said Rodger Goddard, Douglas Code Enforcement.The city is keeping an eye out for trashed yards, abandoned trash cans, broken down cars in the driveway, overgrown lots and abandoned houses.We ended up going into an abandoned house a couple of weeks ago that was supposed to be boarded up and we ended up making three arrests getting drugs, getting a firearm and a person wanted for armed robbery, said Goddard.Homeowners are not only being held accountable for their property but also their pets.Dogs cannot be tethered to a chain. They also have to be inside a 10x10 cage with a raised sleeping area.