Dougherty School Board looks at reappointment list

Caron Tharin speaks to Kenneth Goseer about recouping funds reimbursed for bail money.

The Dougherty County School Board meeting Monday evening was a specially called meeting where the only topic on the agenda for board members was "Consideration of recommendation for 2012-2013 Re-Appointment list". During executive session, the board added one more item to the agenda.

After an issue of misuse of public funds was brought up in a Safety and Security Committee meeting last week, Dougherty County School Board officials wanted some answers.

It was a list of eight points and concerns that the board wanted to have addressed. One stood out more than others. The board wanted an explanation of how administrators decided to reimburse a parent for bail money.

I don't believe the school system should be in the business of reimbursing people for bail money, says David Maschke, DCSS Board Member.

DCSS Assistant Superintendent Kenneth Goseer says paying money out now would save the school system thousands later.

He turned over receipts and a copy of the check written out by Roberty Lloyd, Director of Business and Finance, but the board wanted to know who authorized the transaction.

You cannot take public funds and reimburse someone. I think the thought of doing this was genuine but it's illegal. You cannot take taxpayers money and do this, says James Bush, School Board Chairman.

A $404 check was written out for reimbursement and as far as officials have been informed, this is the first payout of this kind.

Officials say they don't care if it's the first or the second time. They want their money back.

It was voted down 3 to 3 to 1 so there won TMt be pursuing getting any money back, says David Maschke.

Carol Tharin, David Maschke, and Daryl Ealum wanted to recoup funds, while Dr. Anita Williams Brown abstained.

Also at the meeting Dougherty County School Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree recommended that two top ranking officials be demoted.

The Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Diane Daniels is now the Director of Social Studies.

Robert Lloyd, Director of Business and Finance for Dougherty County School System , is now the Director of Supply and Services.

Officials haven't released a reason behind these decisions.

During the meeting, the board voted on multiple non-renewal letters for teachers involved in the CRCT scandal.

Teachers are given 20 days to decide whether or not they want to go before a tribunal to defend themselves. Those awaiting a hearing will be paid under their current contract.

Principals can be let go without cause since principals hired after 1995 do not have tenure.The recommendation came down from Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree.

He's not saying whether they are innocent or guilty, he just wants to find out what will be the outcome of the tribunal, says James Bush.

Tommy Coleman, Attorney for DCSS, says lawyers still have some time before they'll be done reviewing all evidence in the cases.

He advised Dr. Murfree that he is free to come and review any evidence as he pleases.

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