Dougherty School Board adopts budget, rejects charter school

The board meeting was packed by community members looking to see the outcomes of the budget and charter school battle. / Sean Streicher

The Dougherty County School board tackled two hot button issues during it's Wednesday meeting: next year's budget and the proposed charter school known as The Albany College and Career Academy (ACCA).

In a vote of 6 to 1 in favor of, the 2012-2013 budget. David Maschke was the only vote opposed to it's passage.

The charter school was able to make it onto the agenda, but came up short in votes. The Albany Herald reports that the vote went 4 to 3 in opposition to the school, with Chairman James Bush, Anita Williams Brown, Melvin Griffin and Velvet Riggins voting against, and Darrel Ealum, Carol Tharin and David Maschke voting in favor of.

DCSS advisor, Russ Moore,say that the charter school isn't dead yet, " The board of education voted not to approve the charter as its written, clearly we have an opportunity to improve it and try again..."

The revised charter school proposal will be brought back up during a July school board meeting. The group has until August 1st to get the ACCA passed as that's the deadline for a grant needed to fund the program.
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