Dougherty 'Scared Straight' lures families nationwide

A look inside the Dougherty County Jail. / WFXL File

After being featured on 'Beyond Scared Straight', folks from all over the country are reaching out to local officials for help.

The Dougherty County Crime Prevention Unit has received calls from as far as Washington State.

Sheriff Kevin Sproul says parents are coming in from Louisiana, South Carolina and other southern states for intervention on their child.

"We feel like if we can turn your life around or your child's life around at the time that we intervene that we can save a lot of dollars on the back end from incarceration, medical costs, all those things that comes with a person getting involved in the system," said Sheriff Kevin Sproul, Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.

Officials will present an update to the Dougherty County Board of Commission next Monday.

They're hoping the national attention will lead to more funds for the program.