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      Dougherty residents turn out for pipeline information

      Dougherty County families turned out in numbers to hear information about a natural gas pipeline that's set to pass through their property.Sabal Trail Transmission, the company bringing the pipeline, brought forth information before the Dougherty County Commission about the issue.

      Developers are only months into a four year process that's set to bring a natural gas pipeline through Dougherty County. They plan to follow along an existing utility line.

      Since that utility, gas, or oil pipeline is in place it mitigates the exposure on environmental, civil cultural, information that TMs required to be part of your survey process, said Brian Fahrenthold, Regional Director for State Governmental Affairs for Spectra Energy.

      Homeowners wanted to know specifically how the gas line will affect their way of life.

      I haven't heard a single person say that they are against the pipeline. What they are against is the specific location of where it's going, said Ewell Lyle, Dougherty County Commissioner.

      Commissioner Ewell Lyle says the pipeline could prove beneficial for local business. Not only could the county use the source but local developers may have a chance at working on the project.

      Sabal Trail Transmission representatives plan to hold future public hearings to update the public on the process. There will be a map of the full map for the pipeline's route through Georgia.

      Brian Fahrenthold said they are interested in what homeowners have to say but the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will have the final say of where the pipeline goes.