Dougherty Police make arrests in battery theft

An image of the batteries stolen from the subcontractor. / Dougherty County Police

Dougherty County Police have arrested two men and looking for a third in a battery theft case.

Authorities arrested Bobby Fincham and Shawn Davenport for stealing a $34,000 battery system and a $4,000 trailer on April 4th from the 3400 block of Thomas Road. Scraps of the trailer were being sold in Automotive Core Supply in Sylvester and Sycamore Scrap. Fincham had registered to sell scrap metal and Dougherty County Police followed the trail. After being arrested, they obtained a search warrant for his home on Harper Road in Worth County. Evidence of the trailer was found in a burn pile, including the trailer's tag. They also arrested Shawn Davenport at the home.

The total that was made off of selling the scrap was $2400 from the batteries and $230 for the trailer. The original cost for the products totaled $38,000.

The batteries were the backup system for the telecom system at the Marine Base. They were recently switched out and were the old batteries for the system. They belonged to a subcontractor at the time.

DCP is still looking for a third man in the case, Ryan Tarrer. His last known address was 160 Glendale Road in Lee County.

All three men face two charges of theft by taking in Dougherty County. Worth County Sheriff's Office and the Sycamore Police Department are also investigating potential charges.

If you have any information on this case or know of his whereabouts, contact the Dougherty County Police Department at (229) 430-6600, or Crime Stoppers at (229) 436-TIPS.

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