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      Dougherty police and EMS dealing with attrition rate issues

      At the Dougherty County Commission meeting Monday morning, both the Dougherty County Police Department and Dougherty County EMS were in attendance to go over their annual reports.Dougherty County Police responded to over 17,000 calls and made over 900 arrests in 2013. County EMS also had a large number of calls, more than any other local county, and managed to have an average response time of just over six minutes.While that is good news for both agencies, they are both dealing with a common problem, the attrition rate. Both police and EMS officials say they have a large number of people leaving every year for financial reasons. The starting pay for the Dougherty County Police Department is just over $12 an hour.Chief Jackie Battle with DCP says this comes out to be thousands of dollars less than other agencies in our own county.Greg Rowe with the Dougherty County EMS says when his employees leave for financial reasons, it's because they can do less work for more pay in surrounding counties.

      Battle says the last time her department received a cost of living raise was at least five years ago.

      FOX 31 asked commissioners if there was anything that could be done about this and they said the only thing that would help would be to raise the millage rate, which is something they're trying not to do.