Dougherty pledges to continue aiding neighbors in time of need

Deputy Director Jim Vaught speaks to Dougherty County Commissioners Monday / Ashley Knight

Dougherty County will be renewing their Mutual Aid Agreement with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, or GEMA.

Deputy Director Jim Vaught with the Albany Fire Department says the agreement would be renewed for the next four years and would allow the county's emergency services to aid other counties in the area that may be hit with natural disasters--all at no cost to us.

"Comes with the ability to be able to recoup anything in the way of equipment , hours, meals, damaged equipment. The receiving county takes care of reimbursing the counties providing the assistance," says Vaught.

The agreement would work both ways, with Dougherty County receiving aid if ever our emergency services are tapped out.

Dougherty County commissioners will vote on the matter at their March 5th meeting.

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