Dougherty, Lee schools improve math and science scores

Dougherty and Lee Counties saw big improvements in math and science scores

Georgia's statewide test results for grades one through eight are out, and it is mixed news on improvements for some southwest Georgia school districts.

Dougherty and Lee County schools saw improvements for this year's CRCT that tests students' English, math, science, and social studies skills. Dougherty County seventh graders improved their scores in every subject this year, and all but one grade level improved in science. Dougherty County fifth graders cut the fail rate from 42.1 percent to 22.9 percent. Lee County 5th graders cut their math fail rate in half.

However, there's controversy surrounding social studies. Both districts doubled, and in some cases tripled the fail rate. State Superintendent Kathy Cox threw out the sixth and seventh grade social studies scores because over 70 percent failed. Educators say they expected students to have trouble with social studies because of the new curriculum.

"It's a much more challenging curriculum than students have been used to in the past, an d there's a lot more to teach," R.D. Harter, Dougherty County Schools Public Information Officer, said..

You can find school by school results here: