Dougherty High gets military visit

Maj. Nicholas Nicholson addresses members of he Marine Crops. / Sean Streicher

Brigadier General T. A. Gorry of the Marine Corps made a stop to Dougherty Comprehensive High School Tuesday morning.

Gorry visited the JROTC program at the school learned more about the partnership between Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany and Dougherty High.

Dougherty High Assistant Principal, Bennie Rucks said "w ith the partnership with the Marines, they have mentors, we know what they're bringing to the table, they have integrity, loyalty, they bring hard work; they bring success and all those things we want our children to be exposed to."

Rucks said exposing the students to Marines with these qualities should help improve the graduation rate.

During the visit, officials visited classrooms and the JROTC program.

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