Dougherty County votes to close Small Business program

The Dougherty County Commission has voted to close the Small Business program, effective April 30th

Dougherty County commissioners vote to close down the current Small Business Office.

The change will take effect April 30th.

The commission will outsource the program to Georgia Tech - the university will manage the office by conducting a targeted outreach, recruiting, training and counseling service to small businesses in Dougherty County.

They will receive applications from six other counties, but they will not receive the targeted services.

29 additional counties that were outlined in the disparity study will not receive targeted services either, but will be eligible for construction and sub-contracting, even though Dougherty County does not have many large construction projects.

"But if we did have construction projects, it's important that we have a 29 county are so that our general contractors here that employ so many of our people would have the ability to bid in other counties," Said Dougherty County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard.

The contract is for one year with Georgia Tech and will cost $55,000.

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