Dougherty County to receive part of $400 million education grant

The $400 million comes as a result of the U.S. Department of Education selecting the state of Georgia as one of its Race to the Top finalists.

Governor Sonny Perdue announced that he hopes the money will "transform education" but no specific decisions have been made about how the money will be used or allocated.

"26 schools from Georgia were part of the request for federal money and Dougherty County will receive a portion of that request," SAID rd Harter of the Dougherty County School System. "But we've not been notified as of yet how much money we will receive."

There are, however, certain goals that Dougherty County schools plan to pursue.

"Improving student, improving instructor accountability for achieving increased student achievement, improved data," said Harter.

Even though the Dougherty County school system will see a piece of that $400 million, will the current investigation into the CRCT testing affect the exact amount?

RD Harter says he is confident the CRCT issue will not negatively influence the amount of funds the county will receive.

"We have had an internal investigation of our CRCT process and our investigators, who were independent, said there was no evidence to show that cheating occurred," said Harter.

Martin Cooper has two children in the Dougherty County School System.

"I think the Dougherty County school system should have more school buses with more room on it, more computers in their class, more textbooks," said Cooper.