Dougherty County thief affecting taxpayers

Dougherty County Police are asking for the public's help in identifying a black male who's been breaking into the Dougherty County Maintenance Center and stealing government property.

"They're taking fuel from some of the lawnmowers and they're taking batteries from some of the county shops," said Dougherty County Police Detective Chad Kirkpatrick.

Since August, authorities have been trying to catch up with the thief who's taken 14 batteries taken from surplus vehicles and operational vehicles on in the maintenance yard.

County staff first found out something was wrong when they noticed their gas was running low. Instead of taking all of the fuel, the thief would leave just enough for workers to make it to their destinations and then fall on empty.

"It's been an issue trying to get things coordinated and also the expense of having to replace those items," said Dougherty County Public Works Director Larry Cook.

So far the gas bandit has gotten off with and immeasurable amount of fuel and over 1000 dollars worth of batteries. Officials say after six months, it's time for his free ride to make a stop.

If someone steps forward to- identify the bandit, county officials plan to prosecute him to the fullest.

Anyone with information about this individual is asked to contact the Dougherty County Police or Crime Stoppers at (229)-436-8477.

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