Dougherty County teacher of the year candidate prepares students to be ladies and gentlemen

If we are fortunate enough, many of us can look back on our school days and recall teachers who made an impact in our lives. Those who made learning fun by writing songs to help us remember facts, or encouraged us when math was just a little too hard.

Dougherty County has selected eight teachers who have done a phenomenal job in the classroom this year. Only one will be named the DCSS Teacher of the Year at a May eighth banquet.

Carolyn Ford is one of this year's finalists. Mrs. Ford says education is wonderful, and it is important to keep expectations high for students. She is proud of her students and how they rise to the occasion every day.

Although education was not her initial career path, she is glad she made the switch to teaching because it is a fulfilling job and she enjoys taking part in her students' upbringing.

Her current fifth grade class at Lincoln Elementary has a motto: "champions don't talk, they perform." The students take this motto to heart.

"Every day she just comes and she teaches her girls and guys to be proper and well-mannered so we can carry that from school to the rest of life" says student, Ja'Nadja Williams.

Mrs. Ford is proud of her students and desires for them to be prepared for life.

"She inspired me when sometimes we get off track she tells us to use our common sense" says student George Darrasaw. Each student said Mrs. Ford was hardworking and intelligent and they appreciate all she has shown them.