Dougherty County swears-in interim superintendent

Dr. David C. Mosely is sworn in as the DCSS interim superintendent. / Jessica Fairley

The Dougherty County School Board held their first meeting of the year with several newcomers who say they want to make a difference.

Dr. David C. Mosely was sworn-in as interim superintendent.

As a newcomer, he says he'll have to pick the brains of those on his staff and within the schools to see where the school system stands.

"You have some perception maybe from the outside coming in that this, this, and this needs fixing, but you don't know that for sure. So you need to study and think and organize and then begin your plan," said David Mosely, Dougherty County School System Interim Superintendent.

Like Dr. Mosely, Dr. Lane Price is also new to the board. As she makes her debut, she's placing the health of students first, posing an idea to cut back on the sale of sweets for fundraisers.

"I'm just suggesting that we look and see if there's something healthier to sale than chocolate candy bars and cookie dough," said Dr. Lane Price, Dougherty County School Board School at Large.

Dr. Mosely says he'll take this issue to department heads for further research. As he reaches out to those within the school system, school board members are allowing him leeway, before they begin the search for a full-time superintendent.

"We want to get our feet on the ground and let Dr. Mosely work with us, tell us where our problems are and work with us to solve them and then we'll do a careful search for the new superintendent," said Carol Tharin, DCSS School Board Chair.

The new chair of the school board says the goal of all board members is to place quality education first.

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