Dougherty County stays prepared for flooding

One of the many machines kept by public works to help with flood control. / Sean Streicher

Canals, sewers, and drainage ditches are all designed to help prevent flooding.

The Dougherty County Public Works Department is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining these drainage systems, so if severe weather strikes, we'll be ready.

The Environmental Protection Division requires public works to maintain the canals year round.

This is includes clearing them of debris, and is why they ask the residents not to store leafs, branches and trash next to drainage pipes.

"It blocks up these pipes and it creates issues for not only us but for the people that live in the community," explains Larry Cook, the Dougherty County Public Works Director.

If emergency management alerts public works of possible flooding, they send out crews to check problem areas before and after the storm.

If you notice any flooding in you're area, you should also notify public works so they can take care of the situation.

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