Dougherty County schools work towards improving image

Dr. David Mosely address Leadership Albany crowd. / Jessica Fairley

Dougherty County school officials held a retreat Thursday to review how the school system will move forward.

As school officials move on from the troubles of the past, they say changing their negative image won't come overnight.

"You've got to be doing things the right way and people will believe in you. I guess that it's right to insure the public we're spending their dollars right, we're doing our best to educate the children and we're doing what's right for the community," said Dr. David Mosely, Dougherty County School System Interim Superintendent.

He says within the next year there will be a realignment of teachers and maybe new leadership in some schools.

"I speak for all the good people in this organization, we're going to get it right," said Dr. Mosely.

Many within the county have questions and concerns about the state of the Dougherty County School System.

Leadership Albany members took a tour of several schools before bringing their concerns to the board during the retreat.

Mary Ligon, the Director for Leadership Albany, says although local schools provide a positive atmosphere for students, there's still work to be done.

"We as a community knows we kind of have a poor self image about ourselves anyway and on top of that we have a negative image about the school system but I believe things are changing," said Mary Ligon.

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