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      Dougherty County Schools 'Partners in Excellence' Rise & Shine

      It was a packed house early Wednesday morning as the Albany-Area Chamber of Commerce presented a Rise and Shine breakfast.

      It was chance for the Dougherty County School System to say thank you to some organizations that have helped the district.

      There are about 170 organizations that take part in school system TMs Partners in Excellence Program and donate time and resources to the schools.

      Officials say student success takes help from the whole community.

      It takes a village to raise a child. It's going to take more than our teachers and our administrators here in Dougherty County to help our students. We're asking for the community to come in and give us some of the necessary help that is need to push our students forward, said Tameeka Daniels, coordinator for the Partners in Excellence Program.

      Every person is a teacher. Even though you don't have a degree to be a teacher, you are a teacher. So if you see that child that is not in school, ask the question, ask the hard question to get them there for us, said Turner Elementary school principal Gail Solomon.

      The Mount Olive Outreach Center was named partner of the year.

      They have opened an after school program at Turner Elementary School as well as a truancy program for middle and high school students.