Dougherty County School System to hold open house

Dr. Joshua Murfree in a 2011 interview. / File

The Dougherty County School System is starting off the school year with an open house on August 2nd.

Open house for elementary schools will be from 4 to 6 PM with middle and high schools opening from 5 to 7 PM.

In the press release, Dr. Murfree said he "has listened to concerned parents and community members and would like to assure all that safety for our students across the system is a primary concern. The Dougherty County School System police department operates with local law enforcement agencies to assure that procedures are in place to protect students from any threat of harm from outside or within our facilities. In these times of economic hardship that effects our operations, we are aware there are areas of concern for our facility locations. We seek community support and trust as we work to protect every student so they may learn in a safe and comfortable environment."

Dr. Murfree also stated in the release that he would also like to remind parents and the community that the system has shown measureable gains in academic areas and teachers and school leaders are focusing this week on implementing new state curriculum requirements for the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards. We will continue to focus on student achievement, reducing dropouts and increasing the graduation rate for all students in Dougherty County Schools.

"I am calling for continued support for our teachers and especially our studernts as we begin this new year with new opportunities to provide educational achievement beyond all expectations," said Dr. Murfree.