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      Dougherty County School System considered "high risk"

      The Georgia Department of Education now considers the Dougherty County School System "high risk" due to issues with Title I funds.In a letter sent to Dougherty County School Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree by Georgia Department of Education Deputy Superintendent Avis King, King said to Murfree in the letter that the Georgia Department of Education has serious concerns over the implementation of the Federal Title I funds.The letter listed some of the reasons why a system could be considered high risk including history of unsatisfactory performance, financial stability, management system issues, not conforming to conditions of previous awards, or is otherwise not responsible.GaDOE say that monitoring reports along with visits and meeting identified issues with the Title I fund management along with unsatisfactory performance in other federal programs including the Districts RT3 contract to participate in the resource allocation project, slow response to implement school improvement requirements at Dougherty High School,, questioned costs in Title II, Part A along with Title III Limitied English Proficient, and school improvement grants.Due to being placed in the high risk category, GaDOE says that DCSS has new conditions they meet including:- Hiring a Title I fund manager to ensure compliance and regulation and to serve as a liason between the DCSS and GaDOE's title program's division. -Title I Part A funds for the 2012-13 school year will become reimbusement only and must be approved by GaDoe- Implement a GaDOE approved Corrective Action Plan to ensure DCSS- An independent certified public accountant may be required to assist with the monitoring and validation process related to the fiscal operations of the district, including determing compliance with deferal cash managemnet, inventory, budgeting, supplanting, procurement, contract administration, costs, payroll, timekeeping, and other federally required internal controls.DCSS has 20 days to request reconsideration of the proposal from GaDOE.For the complete letter, click here.Stay connected to as the story develops and the FOX 31 Newscast at 10 PM