Dougherty County School Board considers closing doors

Authorities confirm that they're considering closing one of the Dougherty County public schools. / File

Authorities confirm that they're considering closing one or more of the Dougherty County public schools.

Magnolia Elementary, Sylvester Road Elementary, and Dougherty Middle School have all been listed as schools for possible closure.

Dougherty County School Board Chair, Carol Tharin, says the discussion has been ongoing for several months and the decision would be made because of a declining student population.

If a school is closed, there are state laws and procedures that would require a plan of where the students will go and what would happen with the building.

Within the next few months, public hearings and other meetings will be held to decide the fate of the three schools.

Officials say Magnolia Elementary and Sylvester Road Elementary have been placed on the list because it would take millions to upgrade the facilities.

Dougherty County School Board member, James Bush, says no one has decided that any of the schools will definitely close. He stresses that if a school does close, they don't anticipate that any teachers will lose their jobs. Educators will follow the students to another school.

A presentation will be made at the board meeting on Wednesday, where all considerations will be put before the board.

School officials say they should know whether or not a school will definitely close by May.

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