Dougherty County Police talks to residents about safer neighborhoods

The Dougherty County Police Department hosted a Neighborhood Watch Program at the Government Center Saturday afternoon.

Several residents were able to scout alarm and surveillance systems. Residents also received advice on how to start the program and DCP expressed why it was so important.

Lt. Anthony Rogers said, "I worked one incident I'll never forget and it was the next door neighbor it that had all the information, and the point that they didn't talk and communicateâ| she didn't tell them, the other neighbor, and since I came up and talked to her she was more than willing to give me all the information I needed to the crime. It just showed me how important it is for neighbors to talk and communicate."

Rogers adds it's simple to start a neighborhood watch, the first step is electing a President that will be communicating with DCP, and it's ultimately about knowing what to look for and looking out for each other.

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