Dougherty County Police patrol the web

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force aims to protect children while online / Sean Streicher

Thanks to the Dougherty County Police department and the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force there is one less creep out there surfing the web.

22-year-old Adam Morse was arrested in Atlanta for acts that occurred during an undercover chat investigation that has been underway since January.

Sergeant Chad Kirkpatrick of the Dougherty County Police Department describes the events, "he contacted the police officer, who was posing as the under age child, and he begin talking sexual things in nature, and he ended up exposing himself on the webcam to the undercover officer"

Morse believed he was talking to a 13 year old girl from Albany, he was also partaking in similar conversations with an undercover officer from Columbia County Georgia.

Morse is being charged with two counts of obscene internet contact with a child, and two counts of electronically furnishing obscene materials to minors, he's facing similar charges in Columbia County.

Sergeant Kirkpatrick is happy they caught him before anything more serious occurred, "A lot of times on these cases as we work them the bad guys will want to meet the children and they're willing to drive here or wherever to meet the children, if they do that they could be physically assaulted, child molestation, rape, or whatever."

Police say the responsibility of making sure your child is safe rests on the parents or guardians, and if you suspect something inappropriate may be going on, contact your local law enforcement officers.