Dougherty County police hope to avoid cuts

Citizens speak out Monday against raising the millage rate in the Special Services District / Ashley Knight

The Dougherty County Commission spent four hours discussing the budget Monday--mostly about what to do in the Special Services District.

They are proposing a two mil increase to offset a deficit of more than $200,000.

However, citizens voiced their disapproval at the meeting.

If they don't raise the millage rate, then cuts will have to come from other departments, including drastic cuts to the Dougherty County Police.

Commissioner Jack Stone believes in the rate increase, and says they should do more to help officers.

"We've been waiting to give our police officers a raise for the last three, four, five years. If we're gonna go two mils, go 2.5 mils and give the half mil to our county police officers," says Stone.

They will meet next Monday at 10AM in the Government Center to vote on a final budget.

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