Dougherty County judges take a trip to Albany High

The judges gave career advice to students

Two Dougherty County Judges made their way to Albany High School Thursday.

It's all part of the Just the Beginning Foundation's Robes in the Schools Program, which is meant to encourage more students to become interested in the legal profession. Teachers say it's a great opportunity for students to speak with professionals.

Students who attended say it meant a lot for the judges to come all the way to the high school to speak to them. Senior Corey Edwards says students are rarely offered this kind of assistance. "It takes a lot for us to get somebody to come out and talk to us. And by this helping us and helping all the students here, were able to get a better insight at what the future holds and what we can do to better our chance in college."

Students were also given the opportunity to ask the judges some questions. Both judges say they are hoping to participate in the program again.

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