Dougherty County Finance Committee meets to discuss furloughs and Riverquarium

The Dougherty County Finance Committee is looking at a$3 million deficit.

They're looking at several options.

A few things they'll have no choice in, is taking money out of the fund balance.

And they may not be able to avoid more unpaid holidays.

This past fiscal year, they had five furlough days--this time around they're looking at nine.

Some changes will affect only county employees, but others could affect more.

"Eliminate decorative plants around public buildings, that's a $2,500 saving a year. Adding an event fee at Riverfront Park of $75 which we have to do additional costs every time there's an event," said County Administrator Richard Crowdis.

The Flint RiverQuarium also requested the county continue their annual funding in the amount of $50,000, however, it's unlikely it will be granted.