Dougherty County doesn't meet AYP for 2011

Data from the Georgia Department of Education indicates that the Dougherty County School System (DCSS) has not met Adequate Yearly Progress according to the 2011 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Overview Report .

Half of the 26 schools in the Dougherty County School System met AYP requirements, leaving 13 who did not make the grade. Dougherty County will have a second chance to improve scores of those 13 schools that did not meet AYP.

"I am very hopeful about 6 of those 13 schools to make AYP in round two. We have entered appeals to the DOEE -- Georgia Department of Ed -- and I'm feeling hopeful about one of our middle schools, says Renee Bridges, DCSS System Test Coordinator.

She says even one student in a small subgroup can cause a school to not make AYP.

To meet AYP, each system must have 95 percent participation, academic performance and a second indicator â" either attendance rate or graduation rate.

All seven of Lee County's schools met AYP requirements. Approximately 54 percent of Tift County schools met AYP requirements, but the school system did not meet AYP.