Dougherty County Commissioners to join Library Board of Trustees

Chairman Gloria Gaines hopes these possible additions will prevent issues such as the library closings from earlier in the year. / Colby Gallagher

The Dougherty County Commissioner's Governmental Affairs Committee met this afternoon to discuss their options regarding the Library Board Committee.

Chairman Gloria Gaines says the committee ultimately approved a three-prong action to present to the full board for consideration.

The committee approved the motion to 1) permanently add one or two county commissioners to the Library Board of Trustees, 2) require the board of trustees to present a full report of information to the county commissioners before the end of the year and 3) delay the appointment of the county commissioners until they can determine whether or not those on the library board will want to renew their term.

Gaines says this addition came as a direct result of the closing of the two library branches earlier this year. Gaines says the commission had no knowledge of the decision until after it was made and there is still negative public reaction to the closings.

Gaines hopes these possible additions will prevent something like this happening again.

If the members whose terms end in December choose to run again for the board, Gaines says the committee will meet again to decide how to best get commissioners on the board of trustees.