Dougherty County commission considers usage of closed library

In Monday's morning meeting, Dougherty County commissioners were approached by representatives from the Jayda Lives foundation to use the unused Southside Branch Library facility to help students complete their associates degree before graduating high school.

This is one of six groups to approach the board about use of the facility.

Now commissioners are set to begin the process of deciding which organization is a better fit to use the building.

Dr. Lillian Rambeau is seeking to use the space for the Expand and Extend program.

Under the Expand and Extend program, high school students will take college courses at the Southside Branch Library. The courses are sponsored through the Darton State College Accel program that allows exceptional students attain college credit while in high school. Those students enrolled in the Expand and Extend program will also serve as mentors to K-12 students who need help in their educational studies.

Proponents of the program say it will be funded through donations from community members. Professors and other educators will volunteer their time at the facility.

While the building serves as a house for the Expand and Expand program, the public will be allowed to use the computers for free.

Dougherty County commissioners say this could bring back some of the educational tools taken from the community when the library closed a year ago.

Family Empowerment Community Center representatives want to turn the facility into a community center while Family Literacy Connection is vying to use the building as its new location.

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