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      Dougherty Commissioners look for new revenues and savings

      Three plans for county revenue enhancements were presented to the Dougherty County Board of Commissioners on Monday morning for consideration.The first presentation was made by Cell Tower Solutions Vice President Walt Woodard. Woodard says cell phone companies often do not have updated evaluations of their equipment to operate the towers. Some equipment that has a life expectancy of 10 years may be categorized in the company's taxes as a 3 year piece.Woodard says when the equipment is correctly and fairly categorized, that is when the revenue begins.The second presentation offered revenue sources from electronic purchasing.Finance Director Martha Hendley and Procurement Manager Jawahn Ware presented a plan that restructures the current purchase order process to include e-payments.They say electronic transactions reduce paper processing costs, postage fees and there are no transaction fees.Lastly, Assistant County Administrator Michael McCoy presented the final revenue plan that will save money by utilizing Energy Saving Performance Contracting, a plan that was initially brought up by commissioner John Hayes after it was allowed in the state of Georgia effective January 1st, 2011.This concept allows a lease or loan to be made during initial upgrade costs that will then be paid off with the money saved by the conservation efforts.McCoy says this plan is especially beneficial for organizations with aging buildings or energy-using equipment that is ready for replacement.Although these three plans are very different in nature, they are all at the same step in the proposal process -- each presenter will go back and further cement their plans for further consideration.Cell Tower Solutions will go back to their headquarters in Athens to finalize their plan and costs of services to present at a later date.Hendley and Ware will create a 3-month pilot plan to show how it will work specifically for the county and if it will in fact save money for the area.McCoy says they will now work to procure an owner's representative before they select an energy services provider and come back with their findings in early 2013.